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Release Note v2.1.0. - Update

SmartSuite Release v2.1.0. - Update was released on 03/09/2018

New Features / Functions / Widgets

New TV4Education search fields

Wanting to find a 60 Minutes episode which aired on a particular night this week? 

What about the correct Science of Stupid season & episode?

TV4Education now has Broadcast Date and Episode Information in the search results view.

Mark mailbox messages as read/unread

You read a Program added to your collection notification, but don't have time to change the security right now. - Mark it as unread and come back to it later. 

What about marking all system notifications as read

Well now you can with SmartSuite's latest Mailbox update. 

N.B. Feature not available on Support Tickets due to support ticket notifications remaining unread until they are replied to or closed

Edit 'Added TV4Ed Programs' directly from the system notification

So you've received 50+ notifications from SmartSuite that teachers have added TV4Education programs to your library. 

You can now edit the records (e.g. Security, Add Subjects, Change the description) directly from the mailbox notification

Infinite share link

With TV4Education v2, teachers now have the ability to create their own share links with personalised security. 

As an additional security feature we launched custom share links with a link expiry function. 

Since its launch, many teachers have requested the ability to create a link which doesn't expire. 

As always, we've listened to your requests and now have the ability to create an infinite share link. Simply ensure the date field is blank and your link is now available forever. 


- Updated format of Support Tickets in mailbox to support line breaks in replies

- Updated grammar of prompts in the TV4Ed Request : "New Request" process

- Updated the hover over message of the Add to my items star to read: Add to My Items

- Updated the hover over message of the Cloud Stream icon in bibinfo to read: Cloud Stream

- Updated terminology of Foxtel to Premium Content (areas affected: Mailbox, TV4Education)

- Updated keyboard shortcuts for Mailbox: 

     > Enter = Send

     > Enter + Shift = Line Break

- Updated download security for video files

- Updated encryption of teacher share link for TV4Education content

- Updated CC field for creating new Support Tickets to only list registered administrators (If an administrator cannot be found on the list, please contact us through a Support Ticket and advise) 

- Updated colour of the Filter icon in My Items to make it easier to view

- Update mailbox to create administrator users automatically for CC responses

- Updated SmartClassrooms search link to stop referencing legacy search site

- Updated System Menu roles to allow access to Circulation & Self-Circulation for circ users

- Resolved issue with replying to notifications after viewing them in the unread tab

- Resolved issue with replies through the unread tab not sending

- Resolved error when navigating from File Upload to TV4Education search

- Resolved not being able to right-click on Overdue e-mailer option in system menu

- Resolved error when clicking "View All" on TV4Education when configured as a page widget

- Resolved issue of TV4Education's Subject Search not passing the search to other containers on the same page

- Resolved play link in TV4Ed Request is ready mailbox message

- Resolved feezing searches with TV4Education

- Resolved formatting issues with Filter Tabs in My Items 

- Resolved formatting issue of System Menu on Safari Browser

- Resolved streaming statistics report issue

- Resolved 'Go Back' issue with SmartPatronImport

- Resolved mobile formatting with TV4Education

- Resolved HTML text being viewable in mailbox messages

- Resolved TV4Education v2.0 no results found search issue

- Resolved error when uploading an *.MP4 file to File Upload

- Resolved SmartClassrooms launcher not displaying in BibInfo

- Resolved SmartClassrooms URL loading a blank page

- Resolved Wheelers marc file import error

- Disabled open in new tab when clicking the title of any Schools Collection result

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 03/09/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Quentin Fernandez