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Can Borrow


This function allows you to disable / enable a patron to borrow items from the library. 

How to toggle 'Can Borrow' On and Off

N.B Before continuing please ensure that you are logged to an account that has access to the Patron Management Module.

1. Login and click on the  icon.

2. Click on Patron and Click on Patron Management.


3. Once the Patron Details module has loaded, click on the  button. 

4. You can find a Patron using multiple fields. 


       - First Name 

       - Surname 

       - Barcode 

       - Username 

       - PatronID

    Enter in one of the above fields in the 'Search Word' field to find our Patron then select the Patron you are after.

5. Once here you can navigate to the right of the screen to where the 'Can Borrow' toggle is.

6. When you are finished remember to click the  button to save your changes.

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 03/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando