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Understanding the Catalogue Module in SmartSuite


Catalogue allows you to perform a number of actions to manage your SmartSuite collection.

- Manually add new records

- Editing/Maintaining information on existing records

- Manually delete copies and/or titles (one at a time)

- Create links between records (e.g. Trailers to Book Records)

- Create Kit's

and much more

Understanding The Catalouge Coloured Tags

SmartSuite's catalogue has a proprietary colour coding system which alerts you to changes made within the cataloguing window.

This allows you to verify:

a) If any changes have been made before navigating away and loosing them

b) Identify which fields have been changed

c) Identify the type of change which has been made


Type new information into this field

Information exists in this field.
But, information has already been saved to the database. - No action required

Information exists in this field which has not yet been saved.
But, the entry already exists as an Authority File so no need to be concerned with Spelling / Grammar / Punctuation etc

Information exists in this field which has not yet been saved.
But, the entry does not match any existing Authority File entries. - Please verify Spelling / Grammar / Punctuation etc as the system will save the entry "As Is"  
Catalogue Functions
FunctionDescriptionHelpArticle for Function
Creating New Title Record This function allows you to create a new Catalogue Title on the System.Creating New Catalogue Title
Creating New Copy Records for a Catalogue RecordThis function allows you to create a New Copy for a Catalogue Record. Creating New Copy Record
Editing Title RecordAllows you to Edit Title Record that has being Previously created.Editing Title Record
Deleting Title RecordsAllows you to Delete a Title Record on the Catalogue.Deleting Title Record
Editing Copy RecordAllows you to edit a Copy of a Catalogue.Editing Copy Record
Deleting Copy RecordAllows you to Delete Copy Record.Deleting Copy Record
Marking  a Copy as LostAllows you to mark a Copy as Lost.Marking  a Copy as Lost
Advanced Catalogue Functions
FunctionDescriptionHelpArticle for Function
Ban ReservesThis function allows you to Ban Reserves for a catalogue recordBan Reserves
Bulk Generating CopiesThis function allows you to Bulk Create copyies for a Catalogue RecordBulk Generating Copies
Hiding Titles from SearchAllows you to hide a Catalogue record from being shown on a SearchHiding Title from Search

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 10/04/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando