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Circulation Module manages all circulation functions in SmartSuite.


Circulation controls all Circulation functions in SmartSuite such as:

     - Loaning and Returning physical resources 

     - Renewing resources 

     - Viewing borrowing history for specific clients 

     - Managing specialised loans

Accessing the Circulation Module

N.B. Before continuing, ensure you are using an account which has access to the Circulation module.

1. Login and click the icon.

2. Select Circulation from the System Menu. 

3. This will Load the Circulation Module.

Loaning items

To Loan an item out to a patron you will first need to load a patron into the Circulation module.

1. Place your cursor into the input field by clicking the field underneath the "Loan' Button. 

2. Here you can Scan/ enter in the patros.

    - Barcode 

    - First Name 

    - Surname 

3. Press Enter on the Keyboard.

N.B. You will not need to Press 'Enter' on the Keyboard if you are scanning in the Barcode.

4. If you have entered a users First Name or Surname, select the correct patron from the list.

5. After the patron has being loaded, enter in the Barcode of the item you wish to loan out into the same Input Field as before

Returning Items

These instructions will outline how to return items back into your library.

1. Click the Return Button.

2. You Circulation Screen will Change to the Orange Return Theme. 

3. You can now begin scanning/entering the book Barcodes into the Input Field under the Return Button.

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 16/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando

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