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Creating your SmartSuite Pages

Creating Pages, Editing Pages.


SmartSuite is a completely customisable platform It allows administrators to:

- Create new pages

- Manage page navigations

- Modify page layouts

- Modify page content

- Modify system themes

- Modify page backgrounds

- Install new widgets from the WidgetShop

and much more

Creating New Pages

N.B. Before continuing, please ensure you are using an account which has administration access to SmartSuite

1) Login and click the Page Settings ( ) icon

2) Click the Page Builder (  ) icon

3) The Page Builder pop up will load 

4. Click the orange "New" button 

5. Enter the name of the new page you wish to create (e.g. Database Search / Federated Search / Year 12 Curriculum Page)

6. Click Confirm

See blewow for the page settings and their meanings;


The name of the page as it will appear within the system menu

Allows the administrator to choose different Bootstrap themes.

These themes affect, system colours, shading, font styles, widget/input box edges etc

Shows a non adjustable search bar at the top of the page.

Disabling this option provides a totally blank page with no search options - useful for creating wiki's or guided websites.

Please note, SmartSuite does have an adjustable search bar widget which can be installed onto the page instead of this option.