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TV4Education - Finding your school's web address

Where to go to login to TV4Education.


Every school has a custom address, it will be something like www.stpeters.functionalsolutions.com.au . Scroll down below to find out how to find your school's address. 

Finding your school's custom URL

When your school signed up to TV4Education, they will have sent you a welcome email. It will come from "tv4education@functionalsolutions.com.au". Search your email for this email. it will have your school's URL in it, as well as your username and password. 

Couldn't find the email?

In most school's your Library staff or IT know your school's TV4Education URL or leave us your details here and we will email you with your school's URL, your username and your password.

Version Information

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Publish Date: 13/07/2018

     Publisher: Functional Solutions

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