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Global Change/Delete

Global Change/Delete allows users to make bulk changes in the catalogue.


Our  Global Change/Deletes module allows admin uers to make large catalogue changes with ease.

Accessing the Global Change/Delete page

N.B Please make sure that you login using an account with full access.

1. Login and click on the Menu button then select Configuration then Global Functions.

2. Find the Change/Delete tab and you will see two drop-downs Global Change and Global Delete

Under the Global Change list you will find the following functions. 

Global Change Functions

Catalogue MergeMerge two catalogue records to oneMerging Catalogue Records
Bulk Insert CopiesInsert a large amount of copies to a recordBulk Inserting copies to a record
Update CopiesBulk updating copy informationBulk updating copies
Re-BarcodeChanging one barcode to anotherRe-Barcoding a record
Authority Files SearchMoving records attached to one authority file (Author) to another Moving records from one authority file to another
Set "Do not display in enquiry"Bulk enabling "Do not display in enquiry" So the items do not show when searchingBulk setting "Do not display in enquiry"
Add Catalogue enteries where non existAdding records to titles with no copiesBulk adding copies to titles with no copies.
Loan TranferMoving loans from one patron to anotherTranfering loans
Change Due DateChanging due dates in the catalogueBulk changing due dates
RenewalsBulk Renewing by ClassificationUpdating the due date by classification
Loan PeriodsBulk change the loan periods of recordsUpdate loan periods
By ClassificationBulk update the Expiry dates by classificationBulk updating the Expiry dates of a classification
By HomeroomBulk update the Expiry dates by HomeroomBulk updating the Expiry dates by Homeroom
Update Final Borrowing DatesBulk updating the Final borrowing datesUpdating the Final Borrowing dates
Update Location by Call no Bulk update the location of records by call numberBulk updaet Location by Call Number
Mark Overdue Items as LostMark all overdue items to the copy status of LOSTBulk update overude items lost
Set Item OverrideEnable Item override in bulk Bulk enabling Item Override
Set LocationBulk updating the location of records by a number of filtersBulk Set Location
Set SublocationBulk updating the location of records by a number of filtersBulk Set Sublocation
Set Media by Call numberBulk set the media for records by a call number filterBulk set Media by Call Number
Update Holiday DatesAdding and removing your holiday datesManaging Holiday Dates
Authority File Punctuation StripperRemove unwanted punctuation from your recordsAuthority File Punctuation Stripper
Security LevelsSet security on your records in bulkSetting up Security on records
Reset Patron Loan LimitsRun a reset patron loan limits job to update you patrons loan limitsReset Patron Loan Limits

Global Delete Functions

Delete patrons by ClassificationBulk delete patrons by ClassificationDeleting patrons by Classification
Delete patrons by HomeroomBulk delete patrons by HomeroomDeleting patrons by Homeroom
Delete Expired PatronsBulk delete patrons that have expiredDeleting Expired Patrons
Delete Lost ItemsBulk delete items with By Copy StatusDelete items by Copy Status
Delete patrons without barcodesBulk delete patrons with no barcodesDeleting patrons with no barcodes
Check Internet LinksCheck for broken URLsCheck Internet Links
Delete Weeded ItemsWeed out a list of items and delete themWeeding out items
Delete orphaned Authority RecordsDelete empty authority records such as Classification and HomeroomDelete orphaned Authority Records
Delete Titles without BarcodesDelete Title Records without copies attachedDelete Titles without Barcodes
Delete expired Internet LinksDelete URLs that have expiredDelete expired Internet Links

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald