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Creating, Managing and Running Lessons in SmartSuite.


SmartClassrooms allows teachers the ability to:

- Edit and Chapterize TV4Education & YouTube programs

- Audience Interaction Tools (e.g. Live Polls / Q&A / Missing Word Questions etc)

- Create Flipped Classroom & Blended Learning Activities

- Teacher lead lessons & Student lead lessons

- Track audience engagement (e.g. Who's engaging in the lesson & who's on Facebook)

- Results Reports (for student portfolios)

and much more

Creating a new Lesson 

1. From the Menu select SmartClassrooms and then Create Lesson.

2. You will now be looking at the new Lesson window.

3. Click Create a Lesson the lesson details will appear. 

4. Enter in the details for your lesson.

5. Click the  icon

6. Your lesson has now been created and you can begin adding Teaching Material & Questions. All content added/modified from now, will save automatically.

SmartClassrooms Functions

Accessing a previously saved lessonNeed to update your lesson? Have a look at this articleHow to access a lesson you created
Adding teaching material to your lessonCreated your lesson and need some teaching material added?How to add teaching material to your lessons
Adding Members to your lessonLesson complete? why dont you add some patrons to it and get the test going!How to add Audenice membbers to your lessons
Editing video clipsOnly want a small section of a TV4Education or YouTube program. No worries you can now do thatHow to edit video clips and creating chapters

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald