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Adjusting Loan Limits of a classification

This HelpArticle will walk you through changing a classifications Loan Limit's SmartSuite.


When you bring up a Patron in Patron Details you are able to set their loan limit individually. But if you have 1000 patrons in your system, setting every patron's loan limit one by one would be a long task.

That is why you will need to set Loan Limits by Classifications. All patrons who are in a Classification will receive the limits you set through the following procedure (Unless the patron has Lock Loan Limits set on them)


 1. From the Main Menu  , Click    then 

2. Click on theoption from the top tabs.

3. Locate the wanted Classification and click the View Loan Limit button (End of the row)

4. Locate the wanted Media e.g Book and click Edit (to Edit) or Add (to Add) to the left.

The fields and their meanings are as follows:

 - Book Limit: Number of Books a patron can have at one time.

 - Loan Period: Number of days a patron can loan an item for.

 - Renewal Period: Number of days a patron can renew an item for.

 - Reserve Limit: Number of Items a patron can reserve at one time.

 - Multiple Copies Borrowing: Allows a patron to loan more than one copy of a title.

 - Patron Override: Usually used on Staff members, Allows them to loan an item for the full loan period.

 - Max Renews: Number of renews a patron can do at one time.

5. Click on the Update button located where the edit button once was.

6. The Loan Limits for this classification will be updated

Overnight the system will Reset all patrons' loan limits to these values.

Please Note: If you do not want to wait for the nightly reset to occur, you can run a Reset Patron Loan Limits right away to apply the new limits.

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 09/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Robert VanDyken