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Keep upto date with TV4Education requests and HelpDesk tickets with the MailBox.


One place for all your notifications from SmartSuite & TV4Education.

SmartSuite v2.1.0 has been launched with a notifications system which combines Support Tickets, TV4Education Requests & Generic System Notifications into one location.

Message badges will alert you on the menu button if you have any unread notifications requiring your attention

Accessing the MailBox

N.B You will need to login using an account that has the teacher teacher roll access. 

1. Login and click on the Menu Button then select MailBox

The MailBox has three Main tabs to select from. 

Unread - Shows all undread messages.

TV4Ed Requests - This is where you will request programs, you can check on a request anytime in this tab.

Support Tickets - Need assistnace? you can communicate with the customer service team anytime in this tab.

System - This will list all system messages, These system messages can vary from new items being added to the system and to your tv4ed requests.

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

     Publisher: Functional Solutions

        Creator: Donald

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