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MARC File Import

The MARC File Import function allows you to import Catalogue information from external sources such as SCIS using a USMARC file.


The following procedure will walk you through importing ANY MARC file. You can obtain a MARC file from any bibliographic provider.

The following instructions assume you have already visited the Bibliographic information provider and entered in the ISBNs you wish to download information for. If you are unsure how to obtain an Order file of your MARC records from your provider, please contact your provider. 

Once you have your MARC file, perform the following steps to import it:

Save the *.dat file which you have downloaded from your external source to the local computer. 

Importing a USMARC file 

1. Login Click on the Menu button and select Catalogue then select MARC File Import

2. Click the BROWSE/CHOOSE FILE button. 

 Select your Marc File 

3. Once you have selected your file to import you will need to set the settings. To understand the settings see below

Used if multiple users are importing so you know who imported what.

Allows you to set the copy status of the records imported.

 Strips the punctuation from the end of the records e.g . , / \

 These options allow you to select what the import does to existing records.

4. Once you have set your settings you can import the records by clicking on the Import button.

The import can take serveral miniutes depending on how many records are in your file. During this import time do not close or refresh the page. Once all records are imported the system will notify you it will look like this.

Advanced Functions

How to access Unallocated Barcodes? Click the link below.

Unallocated Barcodes in MARC File Import

How to Edit the MARC TAGS click onthe link below.

MARC Tags in MARC File Import

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

     Publisher: Functional Solutions

        Creator: Donald