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Managing PinUps

Adding, Editing and removing PinUps.


The PinUp function in SmartSuite allows administrators to display custom messages, content, records, live websites, RSS feeds, links etc inside specialised widgets throughout the platform.

These are great to help publish information such as Library Opening Hours or IT Support Contact Details, blogs, help instructions, featured articles etc. to your end-clients. 

Creating a new PinUp

N.B. Before continuing, please ensure you are using an account which has access to the Catalogue - Full module

1. Login and click on the Menu button select Configuration and then PinUp Editor

The PinUp Editor page will appear 

In the first you will see two buttons at the top right 

 - Duplicates a existing PinUp.

 - Adds a new PinUp. 

Once you click on ADD the PinUp Details page will appear

Enter in the details of your PinUp

Name - PinUp Name

Description - What the PinUp contains and does

Format - Select the format of your PinUp to find out more about the PinUp Formats click here

Security - Set the securtiy for the PinUp (This lets you limit who can see the PinUp

Interval - Set the time that a PinUp Item will appear. 

Once you have entered in the PinUp details hit SAVE

Congratulations you have created your first PinUp!

Editing a PinUp

Spelt the PinUp Name wrong? Follow the steps below to fix it. 

1. In the PinUp Editor find the PinUp you want to Edit. 

2. Click on the Pencil Icon 

Edit the fields you need then click SAVE


Want to remove a PinUp

1. In the PinUp Editor find the PinUp you want to Edit.

2. Click on the X Icon

Edit the fields you need then click SAVE

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald