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My Items

My Items stores all favourite resources inside one widget for easy management and access.


Found a book that you really like?

How about a textbook you want to use next year?

Found a TV4Education program that will be great wet day timetables?

Instead of searching and trying to locate the record every time you want to use it, why not favorite the item into your My Items widget?

Accessing "My Items"

N.B. The following instructions are for the default location of the My Items widget. However, your system administrator may have moved the widget to a more accessible location.

1. Login with your personal SmartSuite account

2. Click the Menu button Patron then My Items

Navigating around "My Items"

 The tab filters allow for quick sorting the records by their categorised types. (allowing you to see only YouTube & Catalogue records

The  button brings up the pop put filter  

Which allows you to search for items and control how My Items appear (e.g. Their sort order and display types). 

N.B. The SmartSuite Search does not search for content inside the My Items widget. You must use the search within the My Items Filter. 

Clicking on any My Item will load the BibInfo widget to verify the item's details. 

Adding Records to "My Items"

SmartSuite will allow you to bookmark a record from Database Searches and TV4Education Searches only. Federated Searches and other results will be coming soon. 

To add an item to your My Items widget, simply click the  icon on any record. (examples are below)

Database records

TV4Education/Youtube records