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Patron Letter Configure

This Help Article will walk you through setting up your Letters for Overdue Emailing in SmartSuite.


In SmartSuite you have 5 different Overdue letters that can be configured. You can set each letter to appear for items between certain overdue day ranges, addressed to either Student or parent etc.

Configuring your Overletters

1. From the Main Menu button select Report E-mailer option.

2. Click on the Patron Letter Configure tab.

3. You will be given the option to design the content of multiple overdue reports

4. From the Letter ID drop-down, select the wanted report number or New Report

5. In the Body field, type in what you want the main section of your report to say. For example, if you left the Body field blank your overdue report would simply say ‘Dear ’ and then list the overdue books. But if you enter information in the body section, such as ‘Our records show you have the following items overdue:’ then your overdue report will say ‘Dear our records show you have the following items overdue:’

6. In the 'End' field, type whatever you wish to appear beneath the list of their overdue books. For example, you might just wish to type ‘Thanks’ and your name.

7. In the Display Fines field, select whether you wish to display the Replacement Cost, Total Fines or None.

8. The Address To drop-down determines who the e-mail will go to.

9. For example, if Patron is selected it will e-mail it to the Patron’s e-mail address. But if Parent is selected the e-mail will be sent to whatever e-mail address is in the Patron’s Parent e-mail field in Patron Details

10. In the From Overdue and To Overdue box, enter in how many days overdue books have to be before they appear in the report.

11. Once you have enetered in the above details you can save the template by clicking on  button. 

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 16/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando