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Generating a report in SmartReports

Generate data with SmartReports.


The SmartReports widget allows a user to generate, create and export date from the system.

Understanding the report buttons

 - Edit the name and decription of the report

- Navigates to the template configuration page

- Delete the report (You cannot delete a system report)

- Duplicate the report

  - Navigate to the report print page (Only used for Spinelables and Overdue letters)

Viewing and Generating Reports

N.B please insure that you are logged in with an account that has report access.

1. Login to SmartSuite and click on the Menu button, Clicl on Reports and then SmartRerports.

There are two options available for locating a report.

- Search for a report by entering a keyword in the search bar and clicking Search.

- Expand one of the report groups and locating the report

Catalogue - Reporting on Catalogue information. E.g Catalogue by media, Items without barcodes etc.

Patron - Reporting on user Infomation. E.g Patrons By Classification, Patron Cards etc.

Circulation - Reporting on transaction information. E.g Overdue Reporting, Loan History Reporting.

Authority - Reporting on Authority Listings. E.g List of Authorities By Author.

Others - Reporting on System Infomation. E.g User logins by date, Items Stream by Date.

Expand the report folders by clicking on them to see the reports. Then select the report you want to run.

The reports conditions page will appear. Enter the conditions for the report by clicking in the text box and then selecting the required parameters.

Click Generate

Your report will now show. 

Printing, Expotying and Sharing a reports data

Once you have generated the report you are requiring you will be able to print, export or Share the data.


1. To Print the generated data click


1. If you are requiring the data to be export you are able to export the data to CSV format or directly to Excel format by clicking

2. Select the option you require

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

 Publisher: Functional Solutions

 Creator: Donald