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Managing Reservations

How to view and remove reservations.


As a Library Admin, You will have the ability to manage the reserves on books using the Reservations Widget

Things you might want to do would be

- Removing a Reservation

- Sending a notification to the user

Removing Reservations

N.B Please ensure that you are logged in with a patron that has full admin privleges

To remove a reservation from a book you can do this in bulk or one at a time. Just click the delete all if you want to remove all reservations or the x that is located to the right of the patron.

- Notify a Patron that a reservations is ready to be collected

The Reservations Widget also allows you to notify your patrons via email and message (For the message option this will be availible when the Mail Box widget is completed) Just click on the Mail icon.  This will bring up the notifications page.

You hvae 3 buttons to select from. 

Email - This will send out a generic notification to that patrons email address.

Message - If you fill in the Text box (As above) you will be able to message that to the patron NB This function will be availible when the Mail Box widget is added to SmartSuite.

Print - This allows you to print the generic email so that you can pass this off to the patron.

Managing Reservations in the Circulation module

SmartSuite's circulation modules allows administrators a quick launch reservations module to view and remove reservations on the active patron instead of loading the reservations module. 

1. Load a patron into the Circulation module

2. Click the Reserve link in the Patron Information column

3. The reservations pop up will now appear

4. To remove a reservation from this patron, click the Delete link next to the resource you wish to remove

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald