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Reserve items that are currently on loan to loan at a later date.


Reservations is where you will reserve items that are currently on loan

- Finding the Reservations Widget

- Reserving Items

- Reserving Items for Students

- Managing Reservations

Finding the Reservations widget and Reserving Items

The Reservations Widget is located on the Search Page in the Slave widgets tab container.

1. you can click on the magnify glass located at the top of your screen. Alternately Click the Menu button Menu then select "Search" then School's Collection.

2. This will load up the Search Page. There are two widgets on this page, On the Left you have your Results Container (This is where all your search results appear) on the Right you have the Slave widget, This widget becomes active only when you select a record from the results container.

3. You will find the Reservations Tab on the Right in the Slave widget. 

Once you have located the reserves widget you will need to select the record from the results container to activate the widget.