Search Results Widget

The search results widget displays the results returned for a search.


The search results widget allows a user to view all results for a search executed within SmartSuite. - The widget can be configured to show results for the Database, TV4Education and External Datasources.

There are 3 seperate views which can be toggled for all search results.

Administrators can customise the:

- Datasource (e.g. Database, TV4Education, External Datasource)

- Default view

- Which fields are displayed

- The order of fields displayed

User Function 1 - More Information

Clicking on any result within the Search Results Container will show you more information.

If a BibInfo widget has not been configured onto your page, it will appear as a pop-up. 

If a BibInfo widget has been configured, all information of the item you have clicked on will be displayed inside the installed widget.