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Applying Security


This function allows administrators to apply security levels to catalogue records.

Users without the required security level for a record will be affected as follows:

    - Public Views (search / OPAC): Record will be hidden

    - Circulation: Won't be able to borrow the resource

    - Video Playback: Video will be disabled (so even if their older sibling sends them the link, they still won't be able to watch it)

How Does 'Security Levels' Work?

There are two parts to setting up security on your collection:

    1) Patron Security Ranges: The security levels which are accessible to each patron

    2) Catalogue Security Levels: The security level of the items themselves

         SmartLibrary works on a 'Range Based' security system. This means that each patron has a lower (security = 0) and upper security                level which they can access. Every sequential level within that range can also be accessed by that patron.


           A year 8 student could have a range of: 


            Their accessible security levels would be:


Security Example 1:

  User Security: 0 -> 8

  Catalogue Security: 6


   User can access the catalogue record.

Security Example 2:

  User Security: 0 -> 12

  Catalogue Security: 50

  User cannot access the catalogue record.

Please note, ALL patron security ranges have a 'from' value of zero (0). - The editable 'from' field in ClassGrade Edit is a parameter from a legacy system and is not supported in SmartSuite. 

How To setup 'Patron Security Ranges'

Setting Up Security on each patron would be a very time-consuming job. So we have made it so that you can add a security level to a Classification that will then be set on any users in that classification.

1. Login and click on the  icon. 

2. Click on Configuration and then click on Global Functions.

3. Click on the Class Grade Edit Tab option from the top.

4. Locate the wanted Classification and Click on the Edit button on the left of the Classification. 

5. Locate the 'SecureFrom' and 'SecureTo' Fields in the Row you have clicked Edit on. 

6. Enter the desired security number in the 'SecureFrom' and 'SecureTo' field.

7. Once you have entered in the desired Security click Update to update the information.

8. Once the information has being updated you will need to do a 'Reset Patron Loan Limit' for the security to be updated onto all the patrons in the system. 

    This can be done by clicking on the Article Below:

      Reset Patron Loan Limit

How To Setup 'Catalogue Security'

N.B. Before continuing, ensure you are using account which has access to the Catalogue Module

1. Login and click on the  icon. 

2. Click Catalogue and Click Catalogue again.

3. Click   and navigate to the title record you wish to add a Security Level against

4) Once the Title Record has loaded, scroll down the page until you see the Copy Section.

5) Within the Copy Section, Scroll Right until you see the field labelled Security

6) Enter your security value for each copy into the corresponding fields

7. Click the  icon once you have finished entering/modifying your record.

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 03/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando