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Start / End of year procedures 

Start or End the year correctly by following these simple steps.


These Start / End of year steps will help you be ready for circulation in the new year. These steps are to ensure your resources are protected and returned at appropriate dates around the year. and your patrons have no issues loaning out items when the time comes. 

In order to prepare the system for loaning administrators are required to perform a number of tasks either at the beginning or end of the year.

1. Moving patrons to LEFT (Dealing with patrons who have exited the institution)

2. Add new patrons

3. Migrate existing patrons to their new system classifications (e.g. Year 7 in 2019 -> Year 8 for 2020)

4. Update Final Borrowing & Expiry Dates

5. Verify loan limits are still valid

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Start / End of year procedures

FunctionDescriptionHelp Article
Moving patrons to LEFTDealing with patrons who have exited the institutionUpdating patrons to LEFT
Adding new patronsAdding all new patrons (via an import)Adding Patrons via an Import

Moving patrons from one class to anotherMoving existing patrons to their new Classifications/Homerooms (e.g. Year 7 in 2019 -> Year 8 for 2020)Moving Patrons
Updating Final Borrowing and Expiry datesAdding/Removing/Editing Borrowing & Expiry datesUpdating Loan Dates
Updating Loan Limits Verify loan limits are still validUpdating Loan Limits

 Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

     Publisher: Functional Solutions

        Creator: Donald