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Stocktake your collection, the Smart Way.


SmartStocktake will assist you with managing your collection. Once a stocktake has been generated and items have been scanned, you will be able to identify:

        - Cataloguing errors (e.g. Items catalogued in incorrect locations)    

        - Shelving errors (e.g. Items placed on shelves incorrectly)  

        - Lost items  

        - Items previously marked lost but have reappeared  

        - Items requiring repairs  

        - Items requiring weeding


Understanding SmartStockake

SmartStocktake Functions

Function NameDescriptionHelpArticle for Function
Creating New StocktakeThis allows you to create a new stocktake. Creating New Stocktake
Adding Stocktake Scanners to your Stocktake You can have multiple users stocktaking at the same time by adding users.Adding Stocktake Scanners
Removing Stocktake Scanner from your StocktakeYou can also remove stocktake users that were previously added to your stocktake.Removing Stocktake Scanners
Printing Shelf LabelsAllows you to print A4 Shelf Labels which contains Stocktake information.Printing Shelf Labels
Scanning items into your StocktakeAllows you to scan items into your Stocktake.Scanning items into your Stocktake
Managing Errors in your ScanningAllows you to manage any errors during the scanning of items into the stocktake. Managing Errors in your Scanning
Reporting and Managing items in your Stocktake Allows you to Manage and Report on the stocktake you have done.  Reporting and Managing items in your Stocktake
Globally Updating information in a Stocktake Allows you to globally update information in your Stocktake Globally Updating information in a Stocktake
Marking Items as Lost in your Stocktake and Closing Stocktake Allows you to mark items as lost in your stocktake and Close Stocktake Marking Items as Lost in your Stocktake and Closing Stocktake

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 16/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando