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BibInfo Widget

The BibInfo displays all catalogue information for a record.


BibInfo displays all available information for an active record.

It also allows allows users to interact with records through:

- Video Player for Integrated Multi-Media Records

- Google eBook Previews (if available)

- More About the Author

- Google's Author Information

- Cookie trail searches

- QRCode Sharing

- Link Sharing

and much more

Like the rest of SmartSuite, this widget is highly customisable by administrators you can see the customisability in the images below.

Book records

As you can see, When you select a book record the information that appears is alot more than our other records.

TV4Educaiton/YouTube Records

When you load a TV4Education or Youtube record the bib info widget will start streaming the program. You also can bring up the information by toggeling the  button at the top right


Lessons in the bib info widget have the links Start, Teach and Edit. 
(Only the creator will see the Teach and Edit options)

How to use the Bib info widget

In order to activate the BibInfo widget, simply click on a record from the Search Results (Result Container) . - This will load the record information into the BibInfo widget.