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Template Configuration

Creating templates for your catalogue module. 


SmartSuite allows you to customise even your catalogue module. You can create new templates that can help you locate areas of the catalogue quicker. 

Understanding the Template Configurator

1. Login and click on the Menu button then configuration and then select Template Configuration.

2. There are four templates you can configure they appear at the top of the page.

Catalogue Template - This is your Main Catalogue Template. 

Barcode Template - This is the Barcode edit Template.

Copy Tab Template - This is the list of copies that appears in the Main Catalogue page.

Patron Template - This is the Patron Management Template.

3. Select the Template you are looking to edit then select your Template from the drop-down at the top left. 

The FULL_EDIT_TEMPLATE is the default template I recomend editing this template. 

4. The template and fields will now appear.

To help you understand this page I will go through the areas bit by bit

A template is made up of sections.

The sections have a number icons next to them, 

 - Edit the section name

 - Move the section up in the order

 - Move the section down in the order

 - Delete the section

Each section will have a number of Tokens in them. (Tokens are the catalogue Fields) If you click on a section it will expand to show you the tokens within it.

You can remove tokens by clicking on the x and you can re-order them by clicking on the arrows. 

If you remove a token you can re-add the token in by clicking the + you can also tell if a token has already been added  via the token list if the token is red it has already been added. If the token is white then it has not yet been added.

5. Once you have edited the sections and its tokens you can preview the template by clicking on the preview button.

6. If you are happy with the preview click Update

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald