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Accessing the SmartDesk Portal

Accessing SmartDesk Portal. 

Using Functional Solutions' SmartDesk will allow you to do the following:

- Create tickets

- Check the status of tickets

- Close tickets

- Access the history of all the tickets assigned to your organisation

Accessing SmartDesk Portal

There are two ways you can access SmartDesk.

Option 1: 

- Navigate and log in to your SmartSuite System. 

- Click on  to open the menu. 

- Once the menu has opened, click on  which is located under the group Partner Sites.

Option 2:

- You can navigate to the following URL below:


Type new information into this field

Information exists in this field.
But, information has already been saved to the database. - No action required

Information exists in this field which has not yet been saved.
But, the entry already exists as an Authority File so no need to be concerned with Spelling / Grammar / Punctuation etc

Information exists in this field which has not yet been saved.
But, the entry does not match any existing Authority File entries. - Please verify Spelling / Grammar / Punctuation etc as the system will save the entry "As Is"  
FunctionDescriptionHelpArticle for Function
Creating New Title Record This function allows you to create a new Catalogue Title on the System.Creating New Catalogue Title
Creating New Copy Records for a Catalogue RecordThis function allows you to create a New Copy for a Catalogue Record. Creating New Copy Record
Editing Title RecordAllows you to Edit Title Record that has being Previously created.Editing Title Record
Deleting Title RecordsAllows you to Delete a Title Record on the Catalogue.Deleting Title Record
Editing Copy RecordAllows you to edit a Copy of a Catalogue.Editing Copy Record
Deleting Copy RecordAllows you to Delete Copy Record.Deleting Copy Record
Marking  a Copy as LostAllows you to mark a Copy as Lost.Marking  a Copy as Lost
FunctionDescriptionHelpArticle for Function
Ban ReservesThis function allows you to Ban Reserves for a catalogue recordBan Reserves
Bulk Generating CopiesThis function allows you to Bulk Create copyies for a Catalogue RecordBulk Generating Copies
Hiding Titles from SearchAllows you to hide a Catalogue record from being shown on a SearchHiding Title from Search

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.0

Publish Date:10/07/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Charles Dantzic