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SmartHelp ArticleTopics Covered
CatalogueCatalogue, Records, New, Edit, Delete, Lost, Barcode, Copies, Copy, Adding a book
Uploading Patron ImagesFile Upload, Patron Pictures, adding patron images
Uploading CoversFile Upload, Covers, Uploading Cover images, Adding custom covers
File UploadFile Upload, Covers, Patron Images, PDF
Global CatalogueCatalogue, z3950 cataloguing, SCIS Imporing,
MARC File ImportSCIS File Import, Importing MARC files
Duplicating Catalogue and Copy InformationCatalogue, Copies, Title records
Template ConfigurationCatalogue, Collections, Library, Template
Global Catalogue and Global DeletesBulk Changes, Catalogue, Administrator, SmartSuite 
Copy Status ManagementGlobal Change, Catalogue
Add New Authority FilesCatalogue, Bulk Update, Location, Sublocation, Loan Type 
StocktakeBulk Delete, Change, Database
Allocating Barcodes - MARC File ImportCatalogue, MARC File Import, Accessioning
Item HistoryCatalogue, Loan, History, Circulation
Creating New Title RecordAdding Titles, Creating new records, Catalogue 
Adding a CopyAdding Copies, New Barcodes
Deleting a Title RecordDeleteing a title, Removing a Main record
Deleting a single copyDeleting a copy, Deleting a single copy
Marking a book as lostLost, Circulation
Catalogue DefaultsGlobal Catalogue, Creating/Editing 

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