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SmartHelp ArticleTopics Covered
SmartSuite Start/End of year functionsPatron Import, Patron update, Moving Patrons
Moving Patrons to LeftManually moving patrons, Marking patrons as LEFT
Global Catalogue and Global DeletesBulk Changes, Catalogue, Administrator, SmartSuite 
Delete Weeded ItemsBulk Changes, Catalogue, Administrator, SmartSuite 
Adjusting Loan Limits of a classificationCirculation, Loans, Students, SmartSuite, Year Levels,
Copy Status ManagementGlobal Change, Catalogue
Update Final Borrowing DatesPatrons, Loans, Circulation, Returns 
Add New Authority FilesCatalogue, Bulk Update, Location, Sublocation, Loan Type 
Delete Patrons by Classification and HomroomBulk Delete, Change, Database, Students 
Location LogosCatalogue, SmartSuite,  
Applying SecurityLocking access, Catalogue, Students

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