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MailBox - Support Tickets

Need assistance? Ask the Customer Service team for help using the MailBox!


MailBox has given you access to create support tickets in SmartSuite, No longer will you need to login to another website to ask for assistance! Just open up the MailBox!

Creating support tickets in the MailBox

N.B You will need to login using an account that has the teacher teacher roll access.

1. Login and click on the Menu Button then select MailBox

2. Click on the Support Tickets button

3. The Support Tickets page will load. This is where you will find all your tickets. 


You have the ability to filter what tickets you can see, The filter options we have supplied are below.

All - Shows all tickets.

Open - Shows only Open tickets.

In Progress - Shows tickets marked as In Progress (Customer Service staff is working on the ticket)

Report in Progress - Shows tickets where a report needs to be created.

Wait for Response - Shows tickets that are waiting for you to respond to.

Scheduled - Shows tickets that have been scheduled by a customer service representative to be completed

Pending Closure - Shows tickets that you have closed.

Closed - Shows closed Tickets

Automatically Closed - Shows tickets that have been closed by the system due to inactivity.

Feature Request - Shows tickets that have been send to the development team to be added to future releases.

4. To Create a new Ticket click on the Create a Ticket button. You will need to fill out the ticket informaion See below.

You can also upload images using the 

Send the ticket ti us using the 

Cancel the ticket creation using the 

5. Once you have created the ticket it will appear in your list and will look like this. 

If you wish to add more to the conversation, Type in the message field and click on the 

You can also upload files using the  button. Click on it and select the file you wish to send us. 

Closing Tickets

In the ticket list you will see a red close ticket option.

1. Click on the Close button and the ticket will change to "Pending Closure"

2. Once the customer service staff have checked the ticket they will confirm the closure and the ticket will appear as CLOSED.

3. If you want to re-open a closed ticket just click on the ticket and type in a message and then send it to us. 

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 01/02/2017

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald