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Item History

This allows the user to see History of specific item.


SmartSuite like SmartLibrary keeps track of all loans and returns for items and patrons. Therefore with Item History you can check the history of a specific item.

Checking Item History on an Item

1. Login and click the  icon. 

2. Select Catalogue from the System Menu

3. Search for the book in question by using the  button. 

4. Once you have loaded up the record in the catalogue You will need to look for the cover on the right.

5. There will be a  button below this. Click on this. 

6. The System will automatically show the item loan history of all copies.

7. If there are multiple Copies) You can filter by Barcode and Call Number if you like by selecting a specific Barcode or Call Number from the Barcode and Call Number dropdowns and then clicking on the  button.

8. You will also have the ability to Print the history by clicking on the  button.

Version Information

Version: 2.1.0

Publish Date: 10/04/2018

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Ishan Fernando