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TV4Education V2 - Browsing

What's available on TV4Education and browse through the videos


TV4Education has over 150,000+ videos for you to start watching. With that many videos you might not know where to start. Let's take a look at the best ways to browse through the TV4Education video library.

What is available on TV4Education v2

Free to air TV A selection of our programs have been recorded from Victorian free to air channels, you'll find a range of documentaries, tv shows, films and news programs. Every program will include the classification and have all ads removed.

Premium Channels A selection of our programs have been recorded from Foxtel. You have access to programs from every Foxtel channel. You'll find amazing videos from world class channels such as National Geographic, Discovery channel as well as entertainment, movie and sports channels.

Premium Educational Content A selection of our programs have come from premium educational content producers such as Emerald Films, Princess Pictures, Ted Ed Lessons and Discovery News (just to name a few).

SmartLessons You can now browse through a range of lessons to accompany TV4Education videos. You will find suggested videos resources based on a topic, videos with multiple choice questions and full lesson plans.

Browsing on the TV4Education v2 homepage

Let's take a look at what you can do on the TV4Education v2 homepage.