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Login PageLogging in, Accessing, LoginLogin
Reset Password (Admin Only)Change Password, Reseting Password Login
Uploading Patron ImagesFile Upload, Patron PicturesFile Upload
Search Results WidgetSearching, Records, Information, SmartSuiteSearch
LEGACY ReportsReports, Reporting, Data, ReportReports
LEGACY Reports - Printing and Exporting ReportsPrinting, Reports, Export, DataReports
LEGACEY Reports - SpineLabels using Raeco LabelsSmartReports, Reports, SpineLables, RaecoReports
Configuring a PagePages, Customising, Home PageCustomisation
Uploading CoversFile Upload, Covers, Uploading Cover imagesFile Upload
List BuilderSearch, ListSearch
Accessing the SmartDesk PortalSmartDesk, Tickets, Support, HelpSmartDesk
ReservationsReserving books, SearchingSearch
File UploadFile Upload, Covers, Patron Images, PDFFile Upload
Self CirculationCirculation, Student Monitor, Self loan, Circulation DeskCirculation
SmartSuite Start/End of year functionsPatron Import, Patron update, Moving PatronsGlobal Update
Tab ContainerTabs, Widgets, Mulitple widgetsCustomisation
Terminal SearchSearch, OPAC Searching, Simple SearchSearch
My ItemsFavorites, Bookmarks, My ItemsPatrons
Amazon ReviewsReviews, Record Reviews, Ratings and ReviewsSearch
Global CatalogueCatalogue, z3950 cataloguing, SCIS ImporingCatalogue
Functional Solutions Remote SupportRemote Support, Teamviewer
Availability WidgetRecord Availability, Items on loanSearch
MARC File ImportSCIS File Import, Importing MARC filesCatalogue
Configuring the Shortcuts BarShortcuts Bar, Quick MenuCustomisation
Duplicating Catalogue and Copy InformationCatalogue, Copies, Title recordsCatalogue
SmartReports - Generating and Exporting DataReports, Exporting, Printing 
Changing BackgroundsCustomising, updating backgroundsCustomisation
Moving Patrons to LeftManually moving patrons, Marking patrons as LEFTSOY/EOY
Bib InfoCatalogue information, Record informationSearch
PinUps Landing PageCustomising SmartSuite, Pages, Home Page Customisation
Managing PinupsCustomising SmartSuite, Pages, Home Page, Creating PinUpsCustomisation
Managing PinUp ContentCustomising SmartSuite, Creating PinUp Content Customisation
Creating a ticket in the SmartDesk PortalHelp, SupportSmartDesk
SmartClassroomsCreating Lessons, Editing Videos, Flipped ClassroomsLessons
My ProfilePatron Information, Loans, Students Patron
Widget ShopNew Features, Install New widgets, Apps, AddonsAdministrator
Federated SearchSearch Engines, Databases, Multiple search areasSearch
Template ConfigurationCatalogue, Collections, Library, TemplateCatalogue, Customisation
MailBoxHelp, Requests, TV4Education, SmartSuite, Messages, NotificationsMailBox
Authentication - Existing SAML setupSingle Sign on, Metadata, SmartSuite, TV4Education Customisation, Login
Authentication - Azure CloudSingle Sign on, Metadata, SmartSuite, TV4Education Customisation, Login
Ratings and ReviewsSearching, Students, SmartSuite, Collection, Books, TV4Education Search
Global Catalogue and Global DeletesBulk Changes, Catalogue, Administrator, SmartSuite Catalogue
Delete Weeded ItemsBulk Changes, Catalogue, Administrator, SmartSuite Catalogue
Adjusting Loan Limits of a classificationCirculation, Loans, Students, SmartSuite, Year Levels,Circulation
Copy Status ManagementGlobal Change, CatalogueCatalogue
Update Final Borrowing DatesPatrons, Loans, Circulation, Returns Circulation
Add New Authority FilesCatalogue, Bulk Update, Location, Sublocation, Loan Type Catalogue
CirculationLoans, Returns, Patrons, Batch ModeCirculation
Delete Patrons by Classification and HomroomBulk Delete, Change, Database, Students Patron
Location LogosCatalogue, SmartSuite,  Customisiation
Casting To Air PlayStreaming, Apple TVTV4Education
StocktakeBulk Delete, Change, Database Stocktake
Managing ReservationsStudents, Loans, On Hold, ReservesCirculation
Allocating Barcodes - MARC File ImportCatalogue, MARC File Import, AccessioningCatalogue
Email OverduesReports, Circulation, Loans Circulation
Patron Letter ConfigureSetting up letters, Emails, Email OverduesCirculation
Release Notes 2.1.1Release Notes, V2, Updates, FixesUpdates
SmartReports - Creating a Custom ReportSmartReports, New Report, DataReports
Applying SecurityLocking access, Catalogue, StudentsGlobal Update
Catalogue FullCatalogue, Records, New, Edit, Delete, Lost, Barcode, Copies, CopyCatalogue
Override Due DateChanging Due dates, Due, CirculationCirculation
Allowing users to borrow itemsCan Borrow, Circualtion, AccessCirculation
Item HistoryCatalogue, Loan, History, CirculationCatalogue
Paton ManagementPatron, Students, Staff, AddingPatron
Sharing ProgramsSearching, Students, Staff, Programs, ShareSearch