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TV4Education - Sharing programs

Sharing programs from SmartSuite is a quick and easy way to get others watching a program in the classroom.

Have you have found the perfect program for another teacher or a class of your own, Why not share it with them.

First, Find the record and then find the share icon. See image below

Once you have clicked on the share icon. The following will appear. 

You will need to select the Class (Year Level) you wish to share the program with. 

If you want you can set a expiry date. Once that date comes along users you shared this with wont be able to access that program. 

You will have two options of sharing this program. 

1. Share Link. 

Use this link to email to anyone one. Once they click on the link it will ask the user to login to view the program.

2. Embed Code. 

Use this code to embed the program to a page you have created in your Lerning Managment Systems or even a school website. Again remember that anyuser wanting to watch the program will need to login to SmartSuite to vuew the program. 

 Version Information

Version: 1.0.1

Publish Date: 30/05/2010

Publisher: Functional Solutions

Creator: Donald